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Travel through Time and Spaces

Karen Blixen room – filled with original Karen Blixen photographs from her house in Africa, jungle and desert picture albums, wooden masks, Maasai photos and tiger patterns on a comfortable double bed, this room transfers our guests’ senses to the Black Land. It also guarantees drams about travel and adventure.

Under the Angels – is the favourite place of Cupid Angel, whose arrow is constantly seeking those in love, to bind them in love forever. It is an ideal place for the honeymoon (or the second, or the third one...), when feelings can blossom and dreams come true.

Bourbon room – dreams about knights and princes come true in this unique double room, furnished with a original, 18th century bed with canopy. The elusive atmosphere magically carries our guests to the times of royal dynasties’ brilliance. Only the TV set and internet access remind its visitors of the present.

Secession / Art Nouveau room – designed especially as a manifestation of a single style, this room is equipped with two separate single beds. It is filled with art nouveau furniture and patterns and the atmosphere of Alfons Mucha posters hanging on the walls.

Michael Klahr room – unravelling the secrets of the surrounding area, the room is dedicated to Michael Klahr, prominent sculptor of the region of Klodzka Valley and Ladek Zdroj. It is also filled with artistic atmosphere of his atelier and warmth of a the family home. Here everyone can relax and dream a beautiful dreams, resting on the original rocking chair.

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