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Royal Stay

Scheherazade room – every single one of the One Thousand and One Nights has a happy ending in this unique room, filled with Ylang-Ylang scent and traditional orient colours, furnished with Indian bed with canopy and a golden throne.

You could easily believe that you are living in a fairy tale. Everything is possible in this exclusive scenery, even oriental massage ordered individually to the room as a part of the one week package stay.

Mutual partner attractiveness revival or a dreamy weekend are package deals that offer the most of this room and make sure that you will be dreaming about returning to ProHarmonia once again after your stay.

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ProHarmonia Rezydencja Wellness

ul. Leśna 4
57-540 Lądek Zdrój

Information and booking

+48 74 812 08 00

Bank transfer details

Adamietz Rajmund P.P.H.U. "ADAMIETZ"
ul. Braci Prankel 1
47-100 Strzelce Opolskie

GBS Bank w Strzelinie
(oddział w Lądku Zdroju)
13 9588 0004 3903 5288 3000 0010

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