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Meetings with Art

Marianna room – this double room is dedicated to Marianna Orańska, patroness of the marble “White Marianna”, which the region is famous for. The mirror sun over the bed and stylish furniture create the unique feel of the room. The balcony connecting Marianna room with Louise room is an excellent opportunity for a joint stay at the spa for two pairs, two friends, or a mother with her daughter.

Louise room – is a stylish room with double bed under the patronage of Duchess Luisa Augusta von Mecklenburg-Strelitz, the wife to Frederick William III, King of Prussia. They love burst into flames in Ladek Zdroj, the place she returned to as a Queen. The balcony connecting the room with Marianna room offers a possibility of joint stay at the spa for two pairs.

Titian room
– every Italian Renaissance enthusiast will fall in love with this fiery red room, furnished with two single beds.

The room with the view – this room oversees the beautiful Snieznik Mountain panorama during the day. At night it offers excellent possibilities for sky observation.

Shangri-la room
– introduces our guest to the mythical valley of happiness, whose inhabitants live in peace, wisdom and harmony, as described by British writer James Hilton. The story of three women narrated on the walls, hand-painted barrel for storing rice, blue walls and red Chinese lantern invite visitors to delve into Chinese and Tibetan customs and rituals.

Sensu room – is a Japanese styled double room, with the traditional futon replaced with a double bed. Here, surrounded by red – the colour of the sun and the symbol of prosperity, one can find inner balance, peace, inspiration and the source of new vital strength. The Japanese fan can became either an attribute of wise and delicate Geisha or the weapon of a warlike Samurai.

Colonial room – filled with souvenirs from various continental journeys brings back good memories and inspires the dreams about visiting new places. It is furnished with a double room complete with mosquito net.

Pharaoh room – the mystical energies unleashed inside ancient Egyptian pyramids are known not only to cure and relax, but also to preserve youth and vitality. At ProHarmonia, it guarantees the best possible rest under the caring eye of Horus. Coupled with the “Peaceful Dream” service, offering relaxing scented pillow, lemon balm tea or regenerating massage, we make sure that our guest get the best sleep they have ever got. The secrets of Anubis and the memory of beautiful Cleopatra, who is said to discover both the elixir of youth and the curing properties of milk and honey, have also their rightfully deserved place in the room.

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